Recent study by Trinity College and Dublin Institute of Technology finds that older people want to live in own homes due to location

The study - written by economists Ronan Lyons of Trinity College Dublin and Lorcan Sirr of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) - found that 88 per cent of older people (aged 55 and over) are “very happy with their current home”, with “safety and security” the most frequent (41 per cent) reason.

It found that 35 per cent of older people in their own home liked living there as it was near shops, 32 per cent liked living there because it was close to work and 19 per cent because of its proximity to family. Other reasons given included pleasant surroundings, affordability, peace and quiet and the garden.

The findings are based on a literature review, a survey of 554 older people and in-depth explorations of their attitudes and those of stakeholders.

The vast majority of older people want to stay living in their own homes because they like the location rather than necessarily the home itself, a major new study has found.

The report also says there is a gap in the housing and support options for older people, between remaining at home and going into a nursing home.

This unfilled gap represents a potential housing market worth up the €25 billion.

It says other housing options, with varying degrees of care built in, will be needed for a growing ageing population.

Source: www.irishtimes.com