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365Hcare Suite

After more than 10 years experience of working with Hospitals and Clinics, we are taking the best workflows from our existing solutions and are focusing on a new level of experience for mobile users, due to the broad availability of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The design of 365HCare Suite

Modules include:

  • On Line Automatic Booking of exams, through healthcare providers website
  • Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) for Digital Imaging
  • DICOM Legal Archive for long term archival of MR, CT and any other DICOM study
  • On Line delivery of Medical Reports

Main Technologies

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript development stack
  • Touch Based, Responsive Design User Interfaces
  • Legal validity of medical records through digital signature and timestamps
  • Strong Multifactor Authentication for HIPAA and EU Privacy compliance
  • Private and Public Cloud compatible technologies

Online Booking for Hospitals and Clinics

Online Booking

Taking advantage of over 10 years extensive experience of systems that make automatic reservation of medical appointments and examinations, we are now working on a brand new solution, designed for Hospitals, Clinics and Home Healthcare Providers, to extend their websites with an automatic online booking system. The foundations for this development is the broad adoption of these solutions by our customers in healthcare in Italy.

Our solutions are able to implement the automatic online booking for healthcare organizations of any size, whatever the complexity of the diaries of the Medical Professionals.

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