Security, Availability and Performance

At SoftPotential we take care of your data, on site and in the cloud. We plan, implement and provide IT services for your enterprise, wherever your organization is physically located.

Business Continuity

We design the infrastructure and virtualization solutions to ensure your servers and desktops are up and running in any circumstance.

Data Protection

We implement data protection with the latest security technologies to include:

Continuous Monitoring

Whatever your IT system we provide 24/7 automated monitoring of each server, workstation and network node.

Multi Layer Backup

Our backup services save your data in multiple locations, close to the originating environment (warm backup – for immediate availability) and in remote digital vaults (cold backup – for disaster recovery procedures).

Technical Support and Maintenance

We provide quick and effective remote support, we resolve the IT issues to let you focus on your business.

Consultancy and Product Development

Since 1996 we have developed specific skills optimising vertical ERP software in the following sectors: