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365DocShare Suite

We are developing the abstract engine to be able to enrich documents within virtually any business context.

Focus is on medical records, giving Medical Professionals the possibility to configure any possible medical record, with any kind of metadata and connection with ICD, SNOMED or any other medical codes, whatever the clinical speciality.

The Design of 365Docshare

  • Entity Relationship and Object Oriented, to configure any possible document type, whatever the business
  • Graphical representation of any PDF, Microsoft Office, Open/Libre Office file
  • Automatic synchronization of files between clients and server
  • Visual First User Interface
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) access to any document, for Read / Write integration by third party software
  • Desktop enhancement for workflows, highly integrated with customer business

Main Technologies

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript development stack
  • Touch Based, Responsive Design User Interfaces
  • Legal validity of medical records through digital signature and timestamps
  • Strong Multifactor Authentication for HIPAA and EU Privacy compliance
  • Cloud computing technologies, implemented within the corporate firewall (Private Cloud) or managed externally by cloud service providers (Public Cloud).