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After more than 10 years experience of working with Hospitals and Clinics, we are taking the best workflows from our existing solutions and are focusing on a new level of experience for mobile users, due to the broad availability of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The design of Eudoracare

Modules include:

  • On Line Automatic Booking of exams, through healthcare providers website
  • Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) for Digital Imaging
  • DICOM Legal Archive for long term archival of MR, CT and any other DICOM study
  • On Line delivery of Medical Reports

Main Technologies

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript development stack
  • Touch Based, Responsive Design User Interfaces
  • Legal validity of medical records through digital signature and timestamps
  • Strong Multifactor Authentication for HIPAA and EU Privacy compliance
  • Private and Public Cloud compatible technologies

For Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Domiciliary Care Providers

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