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365Oncloud Services

All our IT solutions are in the cloud, to be able to deploy, monitor and support IT systems of any scale, at customer premises and on the cloud.

Our technologies are used in the Healthcare and Finance markets. For this reason Business Continuity is of paramount importance to us.

We are committed to protecting customer data and providing services that focus on Privacy & Security and on solutions for the High Availability of systems.

The design of 365OnCloud Services

  • Worldwide distribution of servers, storage and IT services
  • 24/7 monitoring of system and security, to be able to react proactively to resolve potential failures before they happen
  • Backup strategies based on a multilayer approach (hot/warm/cold data)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures for high demand users at office and in mobility
  • High availability through real-time synchronization of servers and data across regions

Main Technologies

  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and many other cloud service providers
  • Linux XEN, Microsoft HyperV and VMware hypervisors
  • Block level, encrypted & compressed backup to minimize bandwidth and space
  • Remote Desktop RDP access to Windows in mobility, through touch devices
  • Hardware provided by the best hardware brands in IT